Summon Sim Sala Bim
to your birthday party as a

, Pirate or Superhero
to take you on an adventure
you will never forget.
Touch the candles & find out more

For a magically enchanted touch to
your Festival or Special Event
use the power of Sim Sala Bim to
Entertain, Inform or
Facilitate Activities
To delve deeper touch the tent

Libraries, Community Centres, Gardens
& Towns

Sim Sala Bim could be unlocking magical secrets near you!
To get involved touch the Dolls

Discover the Treasures in the cove of
Sim Sala Bim.
You never know what Sights and Sounds
you may find.
Touch the box to go there

Experience Sim Sala Bim’s
Education in the Arts of the Mage
at your School or your After School Care & Holiday Program Centre.
Touch the school to learn more

simsalabim school programs educational