Step through a powerful gateway of knowledge with
Sim Sala Bim’s poignant Curriculum Focused performance pieces, and discover ancient lessons of the future.

Using his skills to achieve Impacting Educational Incantations
in Primary and Higher Learning, Sim Sala Bim’s unique
wizarding tools are a vehicle to uncover deeply rooted themes
that affect us all. Myths legends, folklore and fable, technology
and magic are all on the table

If your school can open a portal for Sim Sala Bim to appear you can expect:
*Interactive Multimedia Performance
*Follow up Educational DVD’s
*Accompanying Learning Material/Exercises

Which explore themes such as:
*Bullying/Conflict Resolution
*Environmental Awareness
*Self Concept/Social Skills

& Much More.


Sim Sala Bim’s
Interactive Educational Entertainment
through Adventure Play,
involves Games, Activities & Prizes.

For more information or queries
 you can Contact Sim Sala Bim at:

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