The wisdom of the ancients &
The power of the future...

From this Sim Sala Bim was born,
& in this he travels Land, Sky and Sea,
with the Fire of passion in his belly.

Where all the elements merge to form
the Joy, the Wonder, the Knowledge,
& the Mage Spirit,
Wizard Sim is there.
Sharing, Teaching and Learning.

For over 10,000 years (10 + Earth years)
Sim Sala Bim has Adventured, Entertained &
Educated in numerous realms including,
Birthday Parties
& Community

Using the art of storytelling as a vehicle.

Very soon Wizard Sim will be opening a gateway to
The Emporium, Movies, Music, and much more.

Sim Sala Bim strives to create a resource for
the broader community. With his
Services, Blog, Gallery & Links
there is something here for everyone.

If you wish to know more
about Sim Sala Bim
or be kept up to
date with his magic
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Sim Sala Bim Operates
from Melbourne