Tazi is a lone wolf with a scar deep in his heart that will not heal.
His inner hound haunts him. A hound that has
hurt people and has also been hurt.

This hound is a cruel, angry, sad & scared little creature
that grows if you feed it.
And it is a creature that can live in anybody.
Learn to help yourselves and others from The Haunting Hound 
by helping Sim Sala Bim release Tazi from his own inner hound.

Sim Sala Bim is offering a limited number of opportunities for
schools interested in being involved in preliminary performances in fourth term of ‘2009’.
The performance focus will be
Bullying (on various levels from admin to students)
Conflict Resolution (through awareness and practices)
Interactive Education (with a theatre and media drive)

For any queries or more information on this amazing opportunity
Contact : sim@simsalabim.com.au