The Cyber Sonic Skills of
Super-Sim Sala Bim supremely multiply using his magnetron force to
empower Parties, Festivals
& Events
to the Superhero
way. So release the superhero in you if you dare.

To gravitate Super Sim to
your Party or Event,
use the contact magnet

Captain Sim Sala Bim sails the vast oceans of various worlds in search of great treasures and discoveries.
Amongst his adventures he has encountered the mysteries of, Birthday Parties, Festivals
& Special Events
that have all unleashed a powerful magic of joy and excitement.

If you wish to navigate Captain Sim to your Party or Event use the contact magnet to the right.
map below.

Entering enchanted realms
of time and space with the
aid of ancient and future
magic, Wizard Sim Sala Bim travels through mystical dimensional portals to
Parties, Festivals,
Schools and Communities
where he invigorates the
dormant magic around
us all

Open a gateway to see
Wizard Sim by using the contact magnet to the left

For information about more of
Sim Sala Bim’s characters &
magical friends contact:
0424 930 141