Summon the power of Sim Sala Bim to your Birthday
at your home, or any magical place,
and go on an adventure you will never forget

Unleash him in Wizard, Pirate or Superhero form
and discover the magic that lay hidden all around you
just waiting to be found.

If the correct spell is used, Sim Sala Bim can appear to perform the crafts of :
Interactive storytelling
Adventure Play
Games (Suitable for Age and Themes)
Unlocking Secret Prizes
Discovering a Magical B’Day Gift
Balloon Sculpting (For parties longer than 1 hour)
And Much Much More....

1 Hour Party :  $200

1.5 Hour Party :  $250

(Additional $40 for more than 20 kids)
Suitable for ages
 3 to 8

If you feel you are ready for a truly magical adventure
Contact Sim Sala Bim using the code
0424 930 141